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Code: DECRH908
Colour: Gold
Size: 17cm x 40mm x 18cm

Glittered gold wire 3 dimensional star for using in any situation requiring additional texture and balance. From an art deco masterpiece to a contemporary table display, you can use this star anywhere you need a bit of gold is where you can use this star.

  • Star shaped
  • Five point gold 3D star twine wrapped look hanging decoration
  • Star has wrapped in red glittered twine look
  • Dimension 17cm x 40mm x 18cm
  • Gold string for easy hanging
  • Sold individually

    Meet the Gold Glittered Twine Wrapped Look 3D Star Hanging Decoration, the twine made star ornament that has the potential to brighten the ambiance of your Christmas decoration. This is because a classic, shapely, attractive looking ornament is made from the simple material of twine. The simplicity of its constituent material is what gives this ornament is elegance.

    What makes us Australia�s largest Christmas Shop isn�t just because of responsive, customer friendly policies and pricing, but also because we have a wide range of trendy Christmas products that are made using the most complicated materials and cutting-edge technology to those made using just simple material and uncanny skilfulness. One of such is this Gold Glittered Twine Wrapped Look 3D Star Hanging Decoration. The five pointed 3D shapely star is made using a gold coloured twine which is then immersed in sparkling gold coloured glitters. The choice of gold hue makes it a perfect fit with other Christmas d�cor. You will find it useful in a variety of decorative purposes. It is sold individually at customer friendly pricing and comes with a string for convenient hanging options.