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Code: TINV2856
Colour: Gold
Size: 2.7m x 90mm x 4ply
More: 2.7m

  • Holly leaf & short Pine needle tinsel garland
  • Gold textured holly leaves on short pine needles
  • Dimension 2.7m x 90mm x 4ply
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • This product is hand made & may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Christmas tinsel garlands make building your Christmas display easy
  • Commercial decorations can be used for work or home Christmas celebration
  • Sold individually

    When one thinks of decorating a Christmas tree, the first thing that comes to mind is the tinsel garland.

    Garlands appear to carry the entire look together. From simple thin tinsel garlands to thick, decorated, tinsel garlands we all have a preference. With our handmade, gold holly leaf with short pine needle Christmas garland, give a fancy touch to your Christmas tree. The tinsel garlands come in a ready to use condition and, they drape beautifully across the Christmas tree. This golden tinsel garland, along with red baubles, will look as pretty as a picture and give a classic Christmas look. If you are looking for a retro look, go with golden tinsel garlands and metallic baubles. Gold, the colour of treasure, is an uplifting colour that brings a sense of optimism, luxury and sophistication. From being used at your workplaces to hotels and your homes, it is an ideal Christmas decoration.