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Code: DISPGM63
Colour: Grey, Red, White, Gold & Brown
Size: 1.2m x 52cm x 1.5m

Santa stepping out of a chimney is one of the most iconic images of Christmas - and while fireplaces are rare in Australia it no longer matters! This magnificent piece will set the scene of Christmas Eve, bringing delight to children, for many years.

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  • Life size fireplace with Santa stepping out with a full gift sack for some lucky girl or boy
  • Functioning fixed hooks coming out from mantle ledge for hanging your own stockings
  • Freestanding ornament is made from durable Polyresin
  • Build your Christmas theme around this magnificent piece to be the envy of all
  • Dimension 1.2m x 52cm x 1.5m
  • Finish off your ultimate Christmas display with Christmas resin statues
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Why not make it easy for Santa this year? With our modern heating systems not everyone has a chimney or traditional fireplace these days and it's making Santa's job a bit difficult.  The life-size "Santa in Fireplace" from the Christmas Warehouse enables you to recreate the Santa-in-the-chimney experience.  The fireplace is almost 1.2m tall and has Santa emerging from it holding a sack of gifts in his right hand.  The mantle even has its own hooks for hanging up stockings on Christmas Eve. The actual dimensions of the whole decoration are 1.2m x 52cm x 1.5m, so while close to life-size it is compact enough to fit into a corner or any part of the room where you want to create a traditional Santa experience for your household. The tradition of Santa coming down the chimney may have come from the stories of the true-to-life St Nicholas tossing coins through windows or sometimes down chimneys when he found the windows shut.  Like many other modern Christmas celebrations such as Santa's sleigh, elves, reindeer and putting up Christmas decorations, it was popularised in the 19th century from stories, drawings and poems. Since that time it has delighted many children (and adults) with excitement on Christmas morning on seeing their stockings filled with gifts. Santa in the Fireplace would make a great addition to any Christmas collection. So while you are ordering your Christmas decorations this year, why not consider getting your own fireplace Santa to add some fun and tradition to your Christmas celebrations?