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Code: DECR7724
Colour: Chocolate, Copper & Champagne
Size: 60mm

  • Sphere shape
  • 3 x matte fawn, 3 x champagne bronze & 3 x metallic bronze
  • Dimension 60mm
  • Sold as a pack of 9

    Did you know that the earliest Christmas baubles started in Germany and were first made with glass which was why they were grossly expensive? Today, however, The Christmas Warehouse is offering you 12 of these highly decorative adorable Matte Fawn, Shiny Bronze & Bonze Glitter Baubles for a fair, affordable price.

    The Matte Fawn, Shiny Bronze & Bonze Glitter Baubles is an assortment of cleverly designed metallic Christmas bauble that are cheap but of premium quality and highly decorative. They are functional in helping decorate Christmas tree based on their easy to install/hang design. Though available at a cheap price, there are a dozen of these assorted baubles with three distinctive designs of bronze glitter, matte fawn hue and glossy bronze palette. Each comes with gold coloured thread for easy hanging on your Christmas tree tips. Apart from being functional as Christmas tree decorating ornament, they are also suitable as Christmas gift items. With its durability of design, you get to use it for not just Xmas decorations alone; you can also keep it safely for use in decorating future Christmases to come.