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Code: LAMM1516
Colour: Metallic Purple
Size: 300 strands x 1mm x 45cm

  • Shredded thin cut metallic purple tinsel lametta strands
  • Dimension 1mm x 45cm (each strand)
  • Great for emulating sparkling icicles on your Christmas tree, decorated wreath or Christmas table
  • Give your display that magical Christmas shimmer effect with tinsel foil lametta
  • Simply cut & sprinkle over and around your decoration or display
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as 300 strands

    Make your Christmas tree dazzle with this Purple Lametta icicles that are so easy to use. You simply have to cut these gorgeous strands and sprinkle over a Christmas tree to make it sparkling and pretty! No holiday decor is complete without these as they are versatile decorations that can be sprinkled on garlands, wreaths and nativities.

    You may also hang some strands from sides of mantels, entryways, house or storefronts, banisters, tables, windows or use them as party decorations to create a shimmering look both indoors and outdoors. They are made of shredded thin purple tinsel strands with each strand having a length of 45cm and thickness of 1mm in dimension. These vibrantly coloured lametta icicles are a great addition to your festive decoration collection. Just keep an eye on your pet animal eating these if you have one! As it ships worldwide, it makes for a great item to gift. It is sold as 300 strands.