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Code: ORNMTV21
Colour: Various with Neutral White
Size: 27cm x 22cm x 15cm

Skaters skating around the frozen blue lake as Santa watches on. The trees are lit up and this wonderful winter scene is complete.

  • Kids skating on frozen pond scene
  • The six children skate criss-crossing around a three ring pattern
  • Resting Santa & his reindeer look on with their squirrel, rabbit & dove friends
  • Two snow covered tall background pine trees are decorated in neutral white LED micro bulbs
  • Dimension 27cm x 22cm x 15cm
  • Mains power operated with included adapter
  • Indoor use only
  • Sold as a complete scene

    Santa shows his love of children through this visually captivating Pond Skating Christmas Scene With Santa, Reindeer & Christmas Critters ornament. Fashioned in a circular form with evenly flat base, it can be used for Christmas decorating purposes by placing it on any flat surface at home, office, shop or store. It doesn�t require much space; all it needs is just 33 centimetres of your table top.

    Your children will especially be fascinated with this finely finished, elaborately ornamented Pond Skating Christmas Scene With Santa, Reindeer & Christmas Critters. You will therefore never go wrong if you gift them this ornament as their Christmas gift. They certainly would be proud to decorate their room with it because it is a constant reminder that Santa loves them. Plus it doesn�t have to be gifts for the children alone; it can also be incorporated into your Christmas decoration also. In this beautifully animated scene, Santa is seen sitting down while kids are having fun by skating over a frozen blue pond. In attendance at the party are Santa�s reindeers, critters, squirrel and a rabbit.