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Code: PICK1721
Colour: Red
Size: 16cm x 16cm x 22cm with 14cm stem

  • Red poinsettia pick with glittered flecks
  • Easily add colour & dimension to your tree
  • Short stem for easy tree decorating
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • Dimension 16cm x 16cm x 22cm with 14cm stem
  • Sold individually

    This red glittered poinsettia pick has been carefully stained in rich red which is one of the classic colours of the festive season and will match any other trimmings that you have. The shimmering ruby red colour used on each of the petals gives a brilliant jewel-like shine and is augmented by the reflective qualities of the glittered flecks on them.

    Artificial flowers are ideal for winter weddings, Christmas parties, company events and other holiday functions and give a great finishing touch to any party theme. This will easily add colour and dimension to a Xmas tree and the short green stem makes for easy decorating or displaying. Simply tuck a couple of these in the different branches of your indoor or outdoor trees, add them to centrepieces or flower bouquets. You will love how much more cheerful they can make any work or home space with their magical sparkling!