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Code: MOTFDC21
Colour: Red & White
Size: 55cm x 35cm

  • Decorative red & white darcon 'Santa This Way' motif
  • 55cm x 35cm in dimension
  • Sold individually

    This Dacron motif worded decorative sign is made of durable polyester woven fabric that can be used over and over for this years Christmas decorations and many more Christmases to come. This Santa Dacron motif features a cut out design in the shape of down-left facing arrow with the inscription "SANTA" and "THIS WAY" that is written in white against a red background while around it are white dots and snowflakes designs.

    This decorative hanging item would be a suitable decorative sign to have in your home, store, offices and other buildings ahead of this coming Christmas. Since it comes with a white string, all it requires is to hang it against a door (which could be your office door, cubicle entrance or front porch door). You could also hang it on a Christmas tree, display cabinet, library shelf, dormitory door, and wherever else you feel like. Are you planning on having a party over at your houses this Christmas holiday? Why not have this Dacron sign décor show guests the way to your house and even restrooms. It could save you a lot of inconvenience and embarrassments of unknowing guests who tend to open doors they're not supposed to when pressed.