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Code: GARL1521
Colour: Purple
Size: 7.6m x 40mm
More: 7.6m

  • Six point shiny purple stars wired Christmas garland
  • Wire core allows for simple shape moulding
  • Ideally wrapped around Christmas tree or used on its own as a decoration
  • Dimension 7.6m x 50mm
  • Simply uncoil & wrap around your centrepiece
  • Wired garlands are great for decking out any celebration including birthdays, weddings, engagement or gatherings
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    This Purple Star Wired Garland is great to use for Christmas, but don't underestimate its ability to decorate your world year-round. Use this garland as is, or intertwine it with our garlands of other charming colours to make a single multi-coloured decorative piece that you can put indoors or out.

    Each strand of garland contains multiple stars that catch the light and grab attention in a magical way. Bring some purple flair into your holidays by putting the garland around a Christmas tree, banister, or door frame. Throughout the year, you can use it to liven up the frame of a plain mirror, add some sparkle to the top of a window in a child's room or playroom, or the garland can be cut down into smaller pieces and wrapped around a gift. This inexpensive and versatile garland is a way to always have beautiful stars right within reach.