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Code: DECRB096
Colour: Hessian, Turquoise & White
Size: 19cm x 11cm (each bow)
More: 4 Pack

  • Hessian Christmas tree bows with silver & turquoise beach decorating
  • Includes ties on back of bows for easy attachment
  • Dimension 19cm x 11cm (each bow)
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Christmas bows are great for decorating your tree & garlands, or to add a special touch to your Christmas present wrapping
  • Sold as a pack of 4

    Want to forget about any traces of snow and embrace coastal decor for Christmas? These Silver & Turquoise Hessian Bow Decorations are all ready for you to add to your home and are a fabulous option for your coastal theme.

    With a variety of ways that you can use these bows, you're going to end up with several projects you might want to do. Options include making a wreath of seashells and attaching one of these bows at the bottom centre, attaching an artificial starfish onto the front of each bow and hanging them on your walls, and buying a plain tan Christmas stocking, adhering a beach-inspired image onto the front of it, then attaching a bow anywhere on the stocking. You could also purchase ribbon that matches the bow, attach a bow at the very top of a long piece of the ribbon, and every few inches put a shell until you reach the bottom. You'll soon be waking up to a beachy Christmas!