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Code: METLGD27
Colour: Silver
Size: 48cm x 40mm x 48cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Metallic silver tinsel star silhouette
  • String for easy hanging option
  • Dimension 48cm x 40mm x 48cm
  • Sold individually

    This item is particularly striking due to its size. Measuring 48m X 40mm X 48cm, the 2-dimensional star will fill up any open wall space, indoors or out. The star would look beautiful outside on a garage door, or perhaps the side of your home. Consider hanging it from a wall indoors, or even from the ceiling as a centrepiece to the room. The sheer size of this shimmering star is breathtaking and will wow any guest. Although this star is sizeable, the price is not. Reasonably priced for such a large decoration item, you will not be disappointed in its shimmering metallic wonder. This tinsel star will lead the eyes of your guests and friends straight to it and can be the fantastic focal point of any display. If you are seeking a sleek and modern decoration scheme without over-cluttering your home, this star is perfect for you. The design is classy and bold and will serve as a party decoration for the classiest of soir�es. Any guest will easily appreciate its magnificence. Christmas is a time of cheer, merriment and get-togethers. One of the most fun things about Christmas is putting up spectacular and eye-catching decorations to spur on the Christmas spirit. This Metallic Silver Hanging Decoration Tinsel Star is sure to be the sparkling centrepiece of any dazzling display.