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Code: STCK2012
Colour: Red with White
Size: 28cm x 48cm

  • Traditional look red sequin fabric stocking with white faux fur cuff
  • Red velvet loop for easy hanging
  • Dimension 28cm x 48cm
  • Sold individually

    Increase your family�s festive excitement this Xmas when you shop at The Christmas Warehouse and buy such adorable Christmas decorating items such as this Traditional Look Red Sequin Fabric With White Faux Fur Cuff Stocking. This Christmas themed ornamental stockings is made in the traditional Christmas colour of red and goes further by being spangled.

    The Traditional Look Red Sequin Fabric With White Faux Fur Cuff Stocking is a sparkling ornamental delight with immense decorative application. It is made of a red fabric and donned with artificial, plush fur which is in immaculate white colour. This combination of white fur on red fabric gives it the look of one of Santa�s favourite stockings. The red fabric is even decorated with similarly coloured red sequin which gives it a spangled shine. It would make an ideal Christmas decoration when strategically hanged in places around the home such as over a fireplace, close to the bedroom mirror, alcoves, and other such areas that appeal to your Xmas decorations.