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Code: ORNM2072
Colour: Natural Wood & White
Size: 21cm x 50mm (base) x 20cm

  • Wooden multi layer 5 point star Christmas star standing ornament
  • Layers alternate between natural wood & white
  • Double sided with wide base
  • Dimension 21cm x 50mm (base) x 20cm
  • Create an amazing Christmas dinner table setting focused on a centre of tabletop ornaments
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    Leave your guests in awe with this brilliant five-point star tabletop ornament.

    Wondering what you will use to decorate your table for dinner this Christmas? Not to worry, this white and natural wood five-point star tabletop ornament is the perfect addition to your bag of festive decorations. This double-sided Christmas ornament has layers that alternate between natural wood colour and white, giving it an otherworldly effect. The star is fixed to a sturdy wide base that allows it to be placed anywhere you want. Made using long-lasting wood, you can use it as a decorative ornament for many years' Christmas celebrations. Because of the versatile nature of this ornament, it can be used to decorate not just your dining table but kitchen tops and floors too. At a height of just 20 cm, it can be placed it on your table to make it the center of everyone's attention during dinner without obstructing any movement.