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Code: STCK2024
Colour: White with Iridescent & Gold
Size: 26cm x 48cm

  • Winter white & gold with star sunburst pattern Santa sock
  • Decorated with various sized star & sunbursts highlighted with iridescent & gold glitter
  • Each burst with star at centre & arc bursts coming from star with small stars interspersed between bursts
  • White satin cuff with gold metallic cord edge
  • Christmas sock includes white loop for easy hanging
  • Dimension 26cm x 48cm
  • Santa stockings are great for all of those little stocking fillers & can be hung from your Christmas tree, mantle or if you are very lucky, at the base of your chimney!
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    When one thinks about Christmas, they never forget about the Christmas stockings.

    What is Christmas without Christmas stockings? The satisfaction after decorating your entire house in every detail possible is unmatched. Christmas stockings add to the aesthetic of a decorated home. White stockings look very beautiful and dreamy. They can give a feel/sense of winter. The white with green and iridescent glitter sunburst pattern Christmas stocking from our collection is a perfect choice to brighten up your Christmas. It is created using satin with a gold metallic cord edge around the cuff. White is generally associated with peace and purity and is often used in Christmas decor. This fancy Christmas stocking will add a magical touch to your house. An excellent buy for a Christmas to remember! You can hang these on your mantle, Christmas tree or staircase. Our white with green and iridescent glitter sunburst pattern Christmas stocking is high quality, durable and long-lasting.