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Code: DECRH926
Colour: Natural with White, Brown & Green
Size: 13cm x 20mm x 13cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

An utterly delightful hanging Christmas diaroma scene! The 3-d wooden star which is decorated with cut out star shapes, contains a serene forrest scene in muted washed colurs of greens and red. Trees and deers make the scene, and the colours make Christmas. You can get lost in this eternal piece.

  • Star shape
  • Wooden layered 3D effect Reindeer in forest hanging decoration
  • Trees & Reindeer are spread over 3 layers to give scene depth
  • Scene includes green trees, reddish brown deer & white stares
  • Cut from natural wood
  • Dimension 13cm x 20mm x 13cm
  • Natural twine string for easy hanging
  • Sold individually

    The Wooden Star Reindeer In Forest 3D Scene Hanging Decoration is a perfect sized hanging ornament measuring 13 centimetres in length which is just perfect for your Christmas tree and most of other decorative uses. The interior of this hanging star ornament features a colourful depiction of a natural landscape featuring forest trees and two reindeers. It is a beauty to behold!

    In relation to Christmas, reindeers are known worldwide for the role they play in Christmas celebrations; they are just about as famous as Santa Claus himself! Tradition has it that reindeers are the magical animals that pull Santaís wagon as he goes around the world generously distributing Christmas gifts. Children in particular are fascinated by Santa and reindeers. This is why this wooden ornament would be nothing short of perfect for your Xmas decorations. Thatís not just the only reason; the 3D image of these reindeers is contained in a beautiful natural wooden star! These reindeers are painted in vibrant red amidst a vegetation of green shades of evergreen trees. Buy as many of this star reindeer ornament and watch the kids boast of their Xmas decorations.