For many, being practical is one of the best ways to spend the Christmas. Aside from lots of money savings, you can still amaze your holiday guests with beautiful decorations that are cheap and can be used in other purposes. So it's a win-win situation actually.

Here are the top ten Christmas decorations that can embellish your home and can serve as a giveaway or present throughout the season:

1. Bon-Bon (Christmas Crackers)

Bon-bons or commonly known as Christmas crackers are one of the most useful decorations you could have during the Holiday. They come in various sizes, designs, and colours, to impeccably suit your existing ornaments at home. Indeed, they are perfect for display on your table, near your fireplace, or under your Christmas tree.

And on Christmas Eve, you can use these crackers or give it as a present to your party guests. Either way, these bon-bons will surely add a spice and enjoyment to your Christmas dinner and parties.

2. Christmas Mugs

Christmas mugs and other tableware are another good decoration idea for the season. Aside from their main role in the table, you can also use them as a giveaway if you have extra stocks left. The good thing about these items is that you can "endorse" them first to your guests by using them in dinners, banquets, or any occasions. And once they adore your mugs, you can give your spare ones as a present.

3. Santa Hats & Headwear

Who wouldn't love those cute and endearing Santa hats and other Holiday headwear during the season? These decorations and accessories are indeed perfect for both adults and children. You can make them as a display first to accentuate the jovial atmosphere inside your home. And once your guests arrived, you can give them a piece of headgear that they will wear during the party or dinner. Other selections include elf hat, fluffy antlers, and a little antler with ears and bells.

4. Present Sack

If you think that you'll have lots of kids as guests, present sacks would be a great décor for your home. Display them in your dining or common room and once your guests arrived, placed some small presents or candies inside the sack and voila, you instantly have a gift that no child can resist.

5. Decoration Toys

If you are looking for quality decoration that provides entertainment, check these animated and decoration toys in your list. These ornaments will certainly provoke laughter and can start a conversation. From a snowman side stepping, Santa dancing, to a bouncing reindeer, all of these toys can also serve as a present to your kids as well as children guests.

6. Miniature Christmas Figurines

For some, Christmas figurines are part of the "tradition" during the Holidays since they are always present in every home. The good thing about these figurines is that they can be a hanging decoration, a piece of a miniature scene, or part of your small presents. Angels, amusing Santa, cute reindeer, snowflakes, and Elves on work are some of the excellent choices.

7. Sweets

Sweets such as candies and chocolates are not just pleasing to the eyes but in taste buds as well. You can make them as a quality display in your dining table, coffee table, or waiting area for your guests. These sweets can be placed on a posh-looking plate or dish. Also, you can store them inside a Christmas present sack or stocking for your little guests.

8. Snow Globes

Another good decoration that can be a present is snow globes. Whether it's the classic Christmas tree, Santa on his sleigh, or North Pole inside the globe, your guests would definitely love this item as a present.

9. Musical Ornament

Indeed, Christmas musical ornaments not only provide splendid appearance but also joyful music. This item reminds everyone how the season should be celebrated- merry and with the ones we love. Common designs include a sneak peak on the North Pole, a windmill, trees and train, and a Ferris wheel.

10. Christmas Stockings

Last but not the least is Christmas stockings. You can easily hang them anywhere indoors or outside your main door. This ornament comes in different colours, designs, and sizes. The good thing about it is that you can place small presents secretly in it to add an element of surprise to your guests.


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