2019 is officially the year of pink at The Christmas Warehouse, as we introduce pink throughout parts of the magnificent fashion forward Christmas decorations range. Softer hues are currently popular, as is an elegant, understated Christmas decorating ethos, and we are delighted to be able to bring the current trends to you on time, and at a keenly competitive price.

Pink Christmas decorations have always been around, largely to do with babies, but this year pinks are the flavour of the season. We have paired our magnificent golds and champagnes to create s breathtaking range that is pure elegance. We've got combined packs of baubles as well as individually pink coloured bauble packs. We've made a beautiful gold and pink pre-decorated garland and wreath range, and we've added some beautiful pink accenting to many of our ornaments and ceramic items as well.

The Christmas Warehouse is proud of bringing items to Australia direct from the manufacturers, but did you know we typically design them as well? Our unique range is not only original, but buying direct lets us get much better quality without inflating the price. So for you the customer, not only do you get great value, but you also get to choose from a fashionable range made just for our Australian market, chosen and designed by us.

We have pink Christmas picks, ranging from low cost right through to beautiful ones that are hand made in Northern Thailand. Pink baubles, pink Christmas ornaments, pink accented Christmas ornaments, and of course plenty of pink glitter. We've also kept in mind that you might just want a few pink items, so that by adding them to your existing gold or silver or white decorations, for very low cost and little effort you've created an entirely new look for next to nothing! You're welcome.

We try so hard to bring you the best we can, so please enjoy Christmas pinks, from The Christmas Warehouse.


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