Christmas Warehouse is Australia's most amazing Christmas store. We realise what a bold statement that is, and we love to tell people why! There are so many reasons to shop at the Christmas Warehouse - let's tell you a few of them.

Our customers are the best people in Australia and we love you! In fact, we think you're amazing! We love your amazing decorating ideas, and we love that you come back to see us every year. Christmas Warehouse customers are creative and fun people filled with the Christmas values of community, generosity, and family. (By the way, those are the values we also live by - community, generosity, and family. But we add the additional spice of value for your hard-earned dollar.) We love that you come shopping as a family, making your visit a family event rather than some dreary shopping you "have" to do. Everybody comes, and everybody joins in. What could be better than that?

Once you get home you then have the exciting family tradition of setting up your Christmas Tree, and decorating the outside of your house so it can even be seen from space. These events mark family and community life and give us a time to be together in joy and fun. So if it's just you and your family, or your entire street, it really is a time to celebrate.

Our team of people is another source of great joy for us. So many staff come back to our stores every Christmas to share in the excitement of Christmas at Christmas Warehouse! I'm sure you recognise them every year - we know they recognise you! And our head office team is equally amazing. From our warehouse operations, through to customer service, from admin people through to merchandisers and buyers, we're all focussed on one goal - helping you bring the joy of Christmas to your family by being as amazing as we can be.

Our stores are a vibrant and lively Christmas experience, a veritable Christmas world of things to see. The store set up team work harder than you can imagine, wiping away the off-season dust (who wants a non-Christmas season anyway!) and making way for the new season range to amaze you with. Why? So that when you come into a Christmas Warehouse store your eyes will light up at the amazing vista of lights and trees and decorations. It's just amazing! We just love to watch the eyes of children grow wider than they've ever been before as they are, well, amazed!

The Christmas Warehouse online store is the most innovative and easy to use Christmas websites around. We work hard to provide new and interesting features to really make your visit amazing! This year we've really upped the ante. Once you login, you'll see the whole site will now tailor itself to you - prices will be shown at your own VIP price for example, and you can shop not just by category, but by a whole myriad of filters, from style concepts, to tracking down particular colours or types of use. Joining the Christmas Warehouse VIP club is the gateway to all of this - it's free and you get an instant discount.

We buy directly from almost 50 makers around our region. The range is made for us specifically so many of the items are unique, and right on target for the trends in an Australian Christmas - making our Christmas range the most amazing Christmas colelction in Australia! Being the importer allows us to skip the whole middle section of the supply chain so we can bring you higher quality at lower prices. Buying directly from the importer really does save you, and Christmas Warehouse buyers go out of their way to bring you the nest on offer.

Without Customer Service, Christmas Warehouse would not be the amazing Christmas shop that it is. We have a seamless experience between our website and our stores, and we support our customers with a Sydney based call centre. Our warehouse prides itself on rapid response shipping meaning that most of our orders are dispatched within a day of placing your order - which for a seasonal business if pretty amazing! We stand by our products with a comprehensive and rapid Replacement Guarantee, and go out of our way to make things right.

So there you go. Some of the reasons why people love to shop at Australia's most amazng Christmas store. See you in store soon!


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