19 Dec 2020

Due to the current COVID situation in the Northern Beaches we have closed our Brookvale store in Warringah Mall until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Our remaining 3 stores in Campbelltown, Erina and Penrith remain open.

4 Apr 2020

To ensure the health of our team members, our customers and the overall community the following polices have been implemented and are based on recommendations from the NSW Government.  

In Store Behavoiur

- Please practice government recommended social distancing of 1.5m between people whilst in our stores. 

- Please be especially carefully whilst queuing at our registers.

- Please also ensure distancing oneself from our counters when paying for goods.

- Please place items on our counters so that our team members can enter your sale without handling the goods. 

- In addition, our team members will also try avoiding bagging your goods. Instead, we will provide bags for you to do yourself.

Touchless Payments

- We do still accept cash, but highly encourage all customers to use tap n go payment methods. 

- Please tear off your own receipts in an attempt to minimise physical contact.

Safe Stores

- Any customers who display flu symptoms are not allowed to enter our stores. 

- We have strict self-isolation policies in place for any team members that display flu symptoms or have recently been in domestic or international COVID hot spots.

- Our stores are strictly cleaned on a daily basis to ensure a hygienic environment.

- Hand sanitiser is provided to customers on entering our stores. 

- Based on NSW recommendations, our team members are strongly encouraged to wear face masks.