Become lost in a gaze as you stare at the movement and lights of a Christmas display with miniature people and villages. The scenes illuminate the brightness and joy of what Christmas is about and whisk the observer away in the fantasy of a perfect Christmas. Snow covered ground, ice skating on the pond, riding a Ferris wheel with your family, or delivering presents to the extended loved ones, Christmas village scenes capture a moment of pure fun.

The wonderful thing with Christmas Village scenes is they have already been prepared for you and are a complete scene with multiple houses, shops, fun park rides, trains, or people. All you need to do is to place, plug in and enjoy.

What is a Village Scene?

Christmas village scene is a display piece comprised of either a single or multiple individual figurines depicting different Christmas activities and themes with a town. A single scene could include fun parks, trains, pond skating, rivers with the towns folk ornaments placed throughout to give the feel of people travelling around the town. Village scenes today come with animation, illumination, and some, even have music.

What is Animation in a Christmas Village Display?

Animation relates to movement and what parts of the scene have a moving action. It can include a train moving around the tracks, blades rotating on a windmill or the rotating wheels of a merry-go-round or Ferris wheel, even Santa in his sleigh with reindeer flying high above a city can be a movement within a scene.

What is Illumination in a Christmas Village Display?

Illumination is how your scene lights up. Lights in Christmas village scenes today use LED technology, so the lights are small, bright, and not a strain on the power bill. The LED could illuminate directly from a bulb or from a fibre optic strand with an LED bulb at the end. LED technology also allows for simple colour effects from using different materials that produce photons at various wavelengths (a little too technical for this post but something we may tackle later). There are so many unbelievable benefits to LED lights. Contemporary technology is so awesome!

Does my Christmas Village Scene have Music?

Some  Christmas village scenes come with the option of playing some of your classic Christmas tunes. The music switch is usually separate the to the light/movement switch so you can switch the music off when you need a break. Also, if you happen to have multiple scenes, you can just play from one scene and have the rest just illuminate and animate. Sometimes the music can be specific to your scene but usually they play the Christmas classics we all love to hear.

What are Village Scenes made from?

Village scenes are also now made with strong, versatile, and durable polyresin, or just resin as it is more commonly known. Resin is a solid but a very light structure at the same time. Your village will withstand some bumps and the light weight is mostly beneficial for unpacking, moving, and repacking at the end of Christmas.

Combining the sounds, lighting, and movement, you can plan network if villages to convey what is your important Christmas story. Having a Santa flying over a village as a centerpiece, you could move out with a winter fun park scene on one side, a grand central train and station in a village on another and a snowy village at the back. You are only limited by your imagination, and with Christmas, imagining an entire Christmas scene display is so easy and fun.

How to set up your Christmas Village Scene Display

Establish your ornament display by starting out with laying blankets of  Dacron snow on a flat surface like a table or sideboard. The snow will give your entire scene the feeling of snowy winter separating each village setting; and hide all the power cables required to operate the villages. Once your snow has been laid, you will next need to position each of your scenes. Lay them out with sufficient space between to avoid both the feeling of being cramped, by having them too close, or too spacious by having them too far apart. Once you have your layout, cut little slits in your snow where the power plugs into the village and then run the power lead under the snow, popping out and into the village. To fill the gaps between your villages, use Christmas village figurines to even out the spacing and help the flow. You could even use them to help create sub stories between each village that encompasses your entire scene.


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