There's such a range on the market these days. We know because we do our best to create some pretty amazing things for you! But we also know that it can be your own personal touch that can make Christmas so special.

Time - do I have any? 

This may be obvious, but not everyone takes the time to consider it (see what I did there?) And that's the point. We sometimes get so busy that we lose the ability to even remember our own names. (Young children anyone?) So while making the time to create a special Christmas theme is a wonderful experience, so to is it possible to get things that are already done so you can have an amazing looking home, just when you want it to be at its best.

Do I enjoy decorating? 

Let's face it. Not all of us have the skill or the inclination to make all of our own decorations. Lucky for you there's a whole range of amazing things made just in your taste! Make your choice, put it up, and no one will ever know. There's no shame in that!

Choose your theme. 

An important thing to consider in both DIY and buying pre-decorated is choosing your theme - your base colours and styles. Let those be you guide in all your choices and all your purchases and before you know it, you'll end up with the home that you'd imagined! But you have to stick to them, and stick to them like glue. Do you have the discipline?

Buy your individual pieces, create on a standard structure

One way to combine the two is to buy plain wreathes and garlands, then buy all matching decorations. It's a bit of both worlds, and will result in a stunning result that won't feel like a compromise. You can even throw in some things made by the kids, and some of the old favourites you've kept from your family.

So what do we think? Do both! 

Weigh up the plusses and minuses of everything above, and decide how much or how little you want to do of each. You might want to get everything pre-decorated, and save one huge wreath that you decorate as a family. you may dec out the tree together, but leave the rest to us. Whichever you choose, the fact that you've done it in a way that suits you, you'll also be proud of the result!


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