The Christmas Warehouse takes Christmas Trees very seriously. We know just how important they are to getting your Christmas just right, so we aim to bring you the best!

Here are some things Christmas Warehouse considers when planning our Christmas Tree range for us here in Australia to help you decide how to buy a Christmas tree.

Family focus

The Christmas Tree forms the focus of Christmas in many family homes, and provides a Christmas vibe for many Australian businesses, hospitals, restaurants, and events. The Christmas Warehouse can't see Christmas without a Christmas Tree as much of a Christmas at all! Firstly, as a family you can come together to The Christmas Warehouse and select a tree from the huge range on display. What size would you like? Multiple tip styles? Snow-like flocking, or would you like a pre-lit Christmas Tree? Our shopping experience is unique in that whole families come shopping in-store or online together, making it more of an adventure than just standard old shopping!

Then comes the shared joy of trimming your tree. First you spruce it to perfection, then take your decorations and create your family Christmas Tree. You may each have special ornaments to hang on the tree, or you might be creating a particular theme. Everyone gets to join in and spend time together creating a special Christmas feeling.

We're confident your family will love your Christmas Warehouse Christmas Tree for many years.


The Christmas Warehouse believes that great value is a crucial thing we have a responsibility to provide. We know that value doesn't just mean cheap, but instead is a combination of a superior product at an unmatchable price. We go to great effort to design and order Christmas Trees from multiple factories and import them ourselves. No middle man means a greater saving to you, and a better quality tree that you can buy. We are thrilled that our range is always so well received as Australian customers are a discerning bunch!

We're confident Christmas Warehouse Christmas Trees are the best value Christmas Trees in Australia.


As Australian consumers ourselves, we understand how important quality is. We simply can't see the point of spending money on something of low quality, so we put in a lot of effort to ensuring we provide only the best - something Christmas Warehouse backs up with our Replacement Guarantee.

Some of the features of Christmas Warehouse Christmas Trees are things you won't find elsewhere. Some examples of our quality features:

  • Branches are hinged for ease of sprucing,
  • Tree bases are made of sturdy metal that resists breakage and won't become brittle as plastics tend to.
  • Christmas Tree tip counts are high - that means the number of tips on each branch has a high count which makes trees look "full" and splendid. In fact, we show the tip count in our product descriptions, something competitors avoid doing!
  • Trees have a branch starting point closer to the base - again providing a "full" and luxurious look.
  • Trees are made with high quality materials that will last for many years. It's important, as Christmas Warehouse knows how important this investment in your families Christmas is!

We're confident Christmas Warehouse Christmas Trees are the best quality Christmas Trees in Australia.


Every customer has a style as unique as they are. We see it as a responsibility to provide a choice to help you realise your Christmas decorating dream by helping with some pretty special Christmas Trees!

From snow-flocked to silver glittered dew-look, from pine cones and berries, to multiple tip styles, there's going to be one that suits you. We have Trees that are a uniform style and are therefore perfect to completely cover with decorations, and we have Christmas Trees that are beautiful all by themselves!

Have to ever tried a pre-lit Christmas Tree? Our pre-lit Christmas Trees are basically plug and play making the whole thing easier and faster than ever. The hinged branches are already strung with lights, and each section of the tree connects to the others in a very simple manner. The result is an impressive tree that is professionally lit - a look achieved in minutes. What could be easier!

We're confident that Christmas Warehouse Christmas Trees are the most stylish Christmas Trees in Australia.

That's it. We have worked extensively for many years to make sure that when you shop for a Christmas Warehouse Christmas Tree, you will be completely satisfied, and satisfied for many years.


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