The pace has ratcheted up several notches recently as we prepare to receive the thousands of products we've prepared for Christmas 2016! 

Ships are heading to Sydney for a great unloading, where we then collate and check and confirm and ready ourselves to get these incredible items to you. We're like the swan, gliding majestically across the water, while beneath the surface, it's paddling madly - behind the scenes is busy.

Shops to plan, warehouse to arrange, stock to display - it all comes to a head right now. 

Why do we do it? We do it for you. We know that if we rest on our laurels or lose our focus, then we would begin to forget the most important part of all of this - you! We know you love Christmas as much as we do, and that you rely on us to help you turn your home into a spectacular Christmas wonderland. If we drop the ball, where would that leave you?

You are our biggest fans and our greatest critics. We know that because you come flocking into our stores and onto our website in droves. It's actually pretty simple. If we buy the wrong thing, or it's too expensive - you simply won't buy it. And wow do we listen to that!

So we work hard for you to offer you something that will make you eyes widen, and a smile leap onto your face, remember all the wonderful Christmas of your childhood, allowing you to enjoy, to share, to escape into the wonder of Christmas!

We're getting ready for you...we hope you're getting ready for us!

We can't wait to see you soon.


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