For years the traditional gold of Christmas was a fading glory, The days when gold was the go-to colour seemed numbered as red rose and rose in favour. It was a confusing time for buyers around the world as the obvious was no longer reliable. Gold had been the mainstay for generations, signifying warmth and riches, of gilt-edged luxury that very few of us can enjoy. And so it faded, reminding us of old times, of things that didn't appeal to us any longer.

Until late last year.

Towards the end of the Christmas 2016 season, something unusual happened. As I watched the shelves at The Christmas Warehouse stores, watched the activity on the Christmas Warehouse website, it became clear that something was going on. It's one of those moments you hope for - when truly, the customer is in charge, the customer calls the shots - the customer is ahead in style!

Gold had made a comeback!

It's really true that styles are dynamic, growing and changing with time. Christmas is no different, and decorating your home for Christmas is a really exciting way to showcase your home, your individual style, and your love of your family! So of course you want to do that on-trend, like a decorating pro.

And we know - there's no point us showing you what you don't want! So for 2017, we have the most incredible range of gold Christmas decorations lined up to help you out!

Golds, champagnes, whites and ivory. Glitter, matt, shiny and sparkling, The colours match and blend, making it easy to decorate with flair. There's also stunning blended items, colours graduating from gold through to white making for a contemporary look. It's new technology making an amazing fashion statement! The various golds are also complemented with whites that really make your design pop with a 10 out of 10 "Wow!" factor.

The colours move right through the range, from decorated wreathes and garlands, to stunning poinsettia picks, ornaments and baubles. Decorate just your tree, or, quite literally, deck the halls! For "tis the season, to go GOLD!


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