Decorating our home for the holidays is no easy task. Considered to be the busiest season of the year, the holiday season is when you barely have the time to do anything. However, this should not be a hindrance to decorating your home with flair in time for the holidays. The key to the grand festive holiday look is lots of light plays and movements. While wreaths and bows look great inside, your home will look a lot better if you have interesting light display outside. Light displays are very eye-catching and are perfectly suited for the merriment associated with Christmas. A good dose both inside and outside of your home creates a stunning effect that will surely delight everyone.

If you are looking for unique light-based Christmas decorations that you can use, here are some interesting suggestions.

1. Fibre optic Christmas trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees are all the rage nowadays. These are ideal Christmas decorations as they are not so demanding and are very much manageable. Fibre optic trees create more sparkle and glitter, and are actually more festive than the conventional Christmas trees. The unique fibre optic technology is a modern technique used to create the most stunning light displays. These trees will definitely make any room shine. You can choose among different designs and colour combinations that will work best for your living space. Fibre optic trees come in many different sizes. You can have one in your bedroom, office, living room, and even in the kitchen.

2. Star curtain lights

Another set of very interesting lights is the star curtain lights. This is very appealing and eye-catching and will look great almost anywhere you place it. Star curtains add a high level of sparkle and has plenty of light movements, giving optimum brightness. There are classic coloured types if you want something more elegant and laidback. For those who would like a bit of flair, there are multi-coloured curtain lights as well. The stars add a more festive touch as they seem to twinkle and wink.

3. Branch & Floral Lights

Floral lights are now becoming more and more popular. There is a big trend nowadays of combining natural design elements with contemporary light decorations. The branch and floral lights look really good both inside and outside of your home. The natural look and feel of the branch and floral lights will add a nice charming touch your home. The good thing about these is that they are LED powered, helping you save energy and prolonging the life of your Christmas decorations. In using these decors, you can opt for similar design to create a unified look. For a grander effect, you can use different colours.

4. Candy Cane Lights

A more colourful set of lights that everyone will definitely love are the candy cane lights. These bright coloured lights look great and are definitely eye-catching. Colours of red and white work together to create something that look extremely Christmasy. You can buy several of these and hang them on key areas of the house.

5. Rope Lights

Rope lights are considered to be a staple in many homes nowadays. These are very modern and will go well with a variety of light decors. Rope lights look great as they sparkle unendingly and add brightness to the surroundings.

Decorating the home for the holidays could be made easier is there is a specific concept that you have in mind. Your decoration choices will most likely depend on the theme that you like. If you decide to take on a more natural theme, the floral and branch lights are great options. There are many kinds of these and you can place them on columns, by the windows, on the balcony, and even on small plants and twigs to create something eye-catching and unique.

For a more modern theme, the rope lights are your best bet. These lights are easy to set up and are far more durable than traditional lights. Also, as they are LED powered, they are more energy efficient and are less harmful to the environment. Rope lights are great investments too as you can use them all year round, or for those events when you want your home to look more festive.


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