The holiday season is a time for merriment, gift giving, family gatherings, and extreme home decorations. Putting Christmas ornaments all throughout the entire house can be mighty challenging, but can also be a chance to get your creative juices flowing. To help make the task a lot easier, here are some useful tips that you can try.

Make a decorating plan

It would be tempting to just go about the holiday home decorations without a concrete plan. While you may thing it is a lot easier to hang the ornaments wherever you fancy, your work time will be cut in half if you have a detailed plan. Picture how you want your house to look like for this season and write the details in a paper. This way, you can check whether you have enough stuffs at home or if you need to buy some more.

Make a list of what you currently have

A detailed list showing exactly what you have can be a big help. Check how many sets of lights you have and how many baubles and hanging ornaments you have on stock. This way, you can tally this with what you need. That will determine if you still need to buy more.

Check your stuffs

If you have neatly stored everything from last year, chances are you know where to find your ornaments and you can expect them to be in tip top condition. If that's not the case, check your items one by one and see which ones you can still use and which ones you have to throw out. Check everything----from the wirings to the bulbs and to the hooks of the hanging ornaments. If you have musical pieces, see if they need batteries or if they are still working.

Throw what you need to

While it is a good idea to minimize your costs as much as possible, there are some areas where you should not scrimp on. If you see that the light wirings are damaged or worn out, throw them away. On the outside, they make look like they can still be restored. The same is not always true on the inside. Don't take risks that aren't worth it.

Go from highest to lowest

Decorate the highest parts of the house first, as these are the most challenging parts.

Read instructions carefully

While this is something most of us actually neglect, it is very important. Some decorative pieces are not made for the outdoors. In most cases, you really can't tell unless you read the instructions.

Make secure hooks

If you are to hang something that has a considerable weight, you have to be very sure that it won't fall. This will depend on how secure the hooks are, so make sure to check them before placing an ornament.

Distribute the weight

If you are planning on hanging several ornaments in one area, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. This makes everything a lot safer and decreases the chance of your ornaments falling off. Hang only on well supported spots.

Use a sturdy ladder

If you are to hang your lanterns, wreaths, and Christmas lights, make sure that you are ready with a stable ladder. With this, you can do the task faster and more efficiently.

Phone a friend

Decorating the entire house can be a pain in the neck if you do it alone. It is a great idea to have someone with you, so you can proceed with the decoration a lot smoother. Also, a buddy can assess whether you placed the ornaments on the right place. With someone to help you, the time needed to complete the task will be shortened considerably.

Test all electrical ornaments first

To make sure that everything will run smoothly, a quick but thorough check on your ornaments can be a big help. You don't want to waste time installing Christmas lights only to find out that they are no longer working. All lanterns, holiday mobiles, and Christmas lights must be checked. Same goes for outdoor ornaments.

Decorate your home with ease by following these simple tips. Happy decorating!


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