You know the yuletide season comes rolling around the corner when people start putting up Christmas decorations on their lawns, shops and offices. Only when the colours of green, red and white start flying can you really feel that Christmas is coming.

If you feel that you have trouble planning out the Christmas decorations of your living room, then here are ten tips to help you out a bit on that regard:

1. Clean up your living room as best you can

One of the first and most effective things you can do to make your living room more cheerful is to clean it up. Dust off the furniture, vacuum the carpet, apply some shiners on your metallic decorations, spray some sparkly cleaner on your windows - these little things can go a long way in making your living room much more cheerful place for you and your family. The smell of mould and someone getting an asthma attack can quickly put a damper on your Christmas celebrations.

2. Revolve your Christmas decorations around a centrepiece

Centrepiece decorations like Christmas trees or nativity scenes serve as the focal point of attention in your living room, and having too many centrepieces vying for people's attention can make the room seem cluttered instead of cheerful. Arrange your trinkets, bits and baubles in such a manner that they highlight your centrepiece. Doing so will ensure that your decorations enhance instead of compete for the attention your centrepiece draws to itself.

3. Set up a few creative scenes with small statues

If you are fond of collecting small statues or toys reminiscent of Christmas, why not take similar items and create a 'scene' with them? Telling a brief story with the trinkets you have at hand can help breathe a little extra life to your decorations instead of just leaving them out on a random shelf or table all on their own.

4. Tune in with a few holiday tunes

A few merry tunes can go a long way in making your Christmas decorations feel more festive. Playing a few Christmas carols on your radio or music player can help remind everyone just how close Christmas is. Just try to add a little variety to your songs. Even the catchiest of jingles gets boring really fast when you listen to it a dozen times in half an hour.

5. Fill a bowl with Christmas candies

You would be surprised at the effect a simple bowl filled with candies has in a living room. Setting one such bowl up can so very easily put a smile on the faces of your guests, especially if they have a sweet tooth. Just make sure the candies fit in with the Christmas season, like bon-bons or candy canes for good measure.

6. Integrate Christmas gifts with the decorations

The bright, colourful wrappings of Christmas gifts effectively turn them into Christmas decorations. Make sure these gifts are displayed prominently around the Christmas tree instead of being hidden underneath its branches. Openly displaying these gifts also helps build excitement for the big day itself when everyone can finally open up those gifts.

7. Make sure everything is brightly lit

Christmas lights are bright and colourful for a reason - so don't skimp out on them even in your own living room. Everything from a simple rope light to a fancy LED light display can help add a great deal of cheer to your living room. Just make sure you don't saturate your living room with too many clashing colours, though. Having too many lights competing with each other will make your living room feel small and cluttered.

8. Mix old decorations with a few new pieces

Using the same old decorations in the same old fashion can make Christmas stale and boring. Spend a little during the holidays to add a few pieces to your existing collection of Christmas decorations. Mix them up, rearrange them and apply a new theme for your decorations. You'd be surprised at how your old pieces can look so different with just a few minor additions.

9. Just have fun!

The spirit of Christmas is all about giving and having fun. Don't obsess too much over impressing other people or finding the perfect match to your new curtains. Just relax, smile more, laugh more, and you'll find your living room - nay, your entire home - a much more cheerful place!


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