Christmas is a season filled with creativity clearly seen in the form of decorating. Be it the usual and safe, down to the daring and whimsical, there is actually no fixed standard in designing one's "Christmas house". It all boils down to one's own imagination, personality and set of preferences.

If you are new to the game of this so-called Christmas decorating, the usual challenge opens up with this question, Where do I begin? Well, that, too, is something unanswerable by a fixed answer. However, here's a friendly and unsolicited advice - start out with your lawn.

The statement "Don't judge a book by its cover" absolutely finds no application during Christmas season. This is because during the holidays, we all have to show that we are celebrating. The lawn is the first thing a person sees upon visiting your home, so it is but logical to make it as pleasing as possible. Furthermore, it sets the tone for visitors and passersby to show how happy one's family is (to a certain degree). So here are some decorations and statues for your front lawn!

1. The Nativity Scene

First things first, people always say. So what best decor would you want to have than the scenario that started it all? That, of course, is the nativity scene. This may or may not have happened, but come on, it is the distinct memory we all have of Christmas' origin.

It is usually depicted by the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the 3 wise men, some angels, the northern star and the humble barn scene that makes an iconic piece of artistry that has been reinterpreted across the ages.

This decor would be of great taste because of its flexibility and space. It can be repositioned wide or narrow depending on your taste and decor contingencies.

2. Christmas elves to replace those gnomes

Admit it: having gnomes on your garden is a guilty pleasure. So this coming Christmas, why not try replacing them with the cute Christmas elves that are known to help Santa produce gifts for good children? Your little ones will surely love it!

As for these Christmas elves' aesthetic quality, it would definitely be handy because the positioning can give an added perception of "fullness" to the lawn. Meaning, the more that it is spread, the more it will seem that every corner of your lawn is decorated.

3. LED lights

To illuminate all your designs and statues, make sure to use LED lights!

Almost every Christmas lights look alike, that is an admitted fact. The only thing that separates the best from the worst is functionality and efficiency so to attain these 2 factors, LED is a must.

LED lights may be expensive than some conventional lights. However, the margin is not that significant and more, the long run will always redound in favor of LED. These lights will save you about 30% of energy. That means lesser electric bills or more lighting duration to compensate for the time it will take you for using conventional Christmas lights. Lastly, LED gives a distinct glow and is more durable

4. Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a no brainer. Come on, what would become of a lawn designed for Christmas without the jolly and chubby icon? Santa's body weight in relation to his vibrant colour will give a smart looking lawn fit for the best Christmas ever.

To those who have a themed Christmas d�cor set, the plethora of different Santa Claus statues will be a good thing. There are pure white Santa's, blue, race-specific, cartoon inspired and so on.

5. Reindeers

If you have a Santa Claus, then reindeers will surely become an essential puzzle to fill up a good combination. Aside from being an animal good for decor (because aside from the reindeer itself, you can adourn each according to your preference), reindeers are known to accompany Santa in his journey.

Reindeers usually comes in the prancing, eating or standing form, so be guided accordingly.

Now there you have it, Christmas decorations and statues for your lawn. Remember that aside from the above-stated, there are also numerous decors you can pair these things up with. As stated, imagination is a part of Christmas so the only limitation is your imagination!


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