For many, Christmas dinner is one of the most special occasions during the Yuletide season. It is the time for family members to get together in a single dining table once again despite their busy schedules. It is also the most opportune occasion to invite relatives, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances to enjoy good foods, have quality chats, and of course, exchange gifts.

For Christmas lovers, planning the Christmas dinner is such an exciting task to execute. And most of them definitely love the idea of shopping Christmas ornaments that will be used in the occasion.With the intention to help you in your shopping list, here are some top decorations that will definitely accentuate your Christmas dinner:

For Your Table Centrepiece

Throughout the season, your table centrepiece is as important as your Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, it is considered as the "climax" of the Christmas Eve. And aside from your mouth-watering foods, your table should have an appropriate amount of decorations that will intensify the jovial atmosphere of the season. Here are some of the "must-have" items in your table centrepiece that you should consider:

  • Table Top Ornaments - Nothing will beat these ornaments when you want an attention-grabbing decoration for your table. Glittered or with LED lights ornamental tree seems to be the most popular choice of homeowners nowadays. These decors come in varying height and colours to perfectly suit the ambiance of your planned Christmas dinner.

  • Candle Holders - Indeed, candles are always present during Christmas dinner. And the best way to decorate them is through their holders. You can use a pine-shaped holder with gold or silver colour for a classic yet posh appearance.

  • Tableware with Christmas Designs - Christmas-inspired tableware is another good decoration choice for your table during the dinner. From ceramic bowls and plates, cups and mugs, to table runners, make sure that they all form a harmonious theme. If you are successful to do so, expect that your guests will be stunned as soon as they lay their eyes on your table arrangement.

For Your Walls

Your walls are not just for protection during the Christmas; they also serve as the backdrop for your picture taking throughout the holidays especially at the dinner. So it will be a prudent decision to invest in these decorations for your home walls:

  • Wallpapers - In order to cover your dull walls, there are tons of wallpapers with Christmas themes that are readily available in stores. Whether you prefer traditional or amusing and out-of-the-box designs, you can easily pick the most appropriate one for your planned motif. These wallpapers can be placed in your common and dining room or even in your kid's room to serve as a constant reminder that it's Christmas time!

  • Cut-outs and Banners of Christmas Images - If you just want to have pieces of Christmas images pasted on your walls, there are cut-outs and banners that have different greetings and pictures. From the elegant "Merry Christmas" lettering, big Santa face, reindeers, to images of snowman and other traditional icons, almost all are available.

  • Wreaths and Garlands - These decorations have timeless appearance that's why they are not missing in every home's walls and windows. Another good thing about them is that they can be decorated with other items such as hanging ornaments, bells, or glossy ribbon. As a result, your decoration and dinner would be personalised and special respectively.

For Your Christmas Tree

Without a question, it is always nice to see lots of presents under the Christmas tree while eating at dinner. It was like an unexplainable feeling of happiness and excitement. That's why you shouldn't forget placing some of the presents on display during the Christmas dinner.

  • Hanging Ornaments - When it comes to hanging ornaments on your tree, you can freely choose from Christmas balls and trinkets, candy canes, snowflakes, angels, Santa and reindeers, or even nutcrackers. Just make certain that their colours complement each other in order to reflect a proportion or symmetrical design.

  • Christmas Lights - Christmas lights is more of a necessity rather than an option in trees. Aside from their capability of giving colourful lights, they can also provide merry sounds that can be played during your dinner.


Also, fresh evergreen twigs as well as mini photos can serve as great ornaments in your tree. You can also tie small bows and ribbons on them to add more life in your personalised photos.


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