A few choice Christmas decorations can make your office livelier and more festive place; helping relieve the day-to-day grind with a splash of colour here and there. If you're looking for help in properly decorating your office, then you'll find these top ten tips to be quite useful indeed:

Set up a few whimsical trinkets on your desk

One of the first things you can do to add a touch of yuletide cheer to the office is to put up one or two trinkets on your desk. A small Santa statue or a plush reindeer toy can help make your workplace a bit more Christmas-y without cluttering your desk up too much. You could even set up a small table top Christmas tree on your desk and decorate it with a few bits and baubles.

Hang up a little tinsel and a few rope lights

Rope lights of various colours can make your office feel a bit brighter while the tinsel can help scatter that light in beautiful patterns as well. These two Christmas decorations go well together and can be strung up along the corners of your office's ceiling. This effectively makes your office significantly more festive while leaving you free to work without any obstacles getting in your way.

Display gifts to be exchanged

If your office has an exchange gift program, it will definitely make your office more cheerful if you could display those gifts somewhere - usually under the company Christmas tree. Do note that the gifts need to be prepared ahead of time. The effect on morale and the added anticipation for the big Christmas party is well worth the extra planning, though.

Use Christmas-themed desktop wallpaper

This one is simple enough: find a set of Christmas wallpapers you like via the Internet and set them as the background pictures for your computer. It's a low-cost, low-effort solution to help make your office a bit more festive this Christmas season, so don't hesitate and find that wallpaper as soon as you can!

Play some soft Christmas music

Music with a light, jazzy feel mixed in to traditional Christmas tunes makes for excellent ambient sounds. These types of music are cheery enough to help spread the festivity of the season but low-key enough to let you focus on your work without getting distracted by obnoxiously loud tunes.

Decorate the water cooler

The water cooler is a place where you and your office workers often congregate for a quick break. Decorate and position a small, table top Christmas tree on top of the water cooler even if you have a larger, grander company Christmas tree. This small tree is a simple but pretty effective method of injecting Christmas decorations in an oft-visited part of the office.

Use Christmas-y coffee mugs and cups

The small mug and cup you use to drink your coffee can be a great venue for Christmas decorations. Even a mug bearing the colours of Christmas - green, red and white - can be a pretty cute little tool to help make your office feel more Christmas-y. The effect is even more pronounced if you can convince your officemates to bring their own Christmas-themed mugs and cups as well.

Set up a small bowl of Christmas sweets

Got a sweet tooth? Then set aside a small bowl and fill it up with Christmas treats like bon-bons and peppermint candies. Not only can you satisfy your cravings for sugar, but offering these Christmas treats to people visiting your office helps make them feel more at ease and in tune with the yuletide spirit.

Burn a few peppermint or cinnamon scents

The sweet smell of peppermint and cinnamon can be a big help in reminding people that Christmas is just around the corner. You can burn a few scented candles, set up an oil scent or simply open up a bag of potpourri to help spread the scent around. Whatever you choose, you'll find the scent also helps you relax and better focus on your tasks at the same time.

Smile more and greet your officemates

Your smile and your warmth are the best lines of Christmas decorations you have at your disposal. Spread the Christmas cheer yourself and you'll find that very same cheer slowly but surely spreading through your office!


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