Christmas decorations are a staple every holiday season. They make every home readier for Christmas, and make the holidays a lot more colourful. The Christmas tree is a basic Christmas decorative piece that practically every home has. It has a universal appeal and is something that makes the holiday season more palpable.

Decorating a Christmas tree can be both challenging and fun. It can also be a great bonding time with the family. If you want to have a better time dressing up the Christmas tree this holiday season, here are some useful tips.

1. Assess your tree

Obviously, the state of your Christmas tree is considered to be a very important element. Whether you decide to use a genuine tree or a man-made one, it is very important that you assess its condition first before deciding to use it. Check if there are no wobbly branches and if the main branch is sturdy. That way, you can be sure that the tree would be able to stand on its own without falling unexpectedly.

2. Get a sturdy base for your tree

The base of the tree will determine how stable it is. Make sure that the base will be able to take the weight of the tree, whether bare or decorated. If the base is not stable, the tree is a disaster waiting to happen, so make sure you do something about that.

3. Check the tree

Before you set up your Christmas tree, make sure that it is clean. There might be insects hidden somewhere in the hidden branches so make sure to scrutinize well. Also, check for dusts and cobwebs before setting it up.

4. Clean your decorations

Christmas bells, baubles, and stars that you will use as ornaments should be cleaned well. Make sure you inspect them for missing hooks and strings, so it will be easier when you proceed with decorating.

5. Eliminate worn out Christmas bulbs & defective wires

If you wish to put strands and strands of Christmas lights on your Christmas tree, make sure that you check the lights for missing bulbs and worn out wires. Also, disposable Christmas lights should never be used for a long time.

6. Find a safe place for your tree

The best place for a Christmas tree is where people can see them but at the same time, a place that is unobstructed. If you have kids, make sure that you kids-proof your tree by keeping the wires neatly where they are out of reach.

7. Keep the ornaments light & make sure none of them are breakable

Conventional Christmas tree ornaments such as baubles, hanging candy canes, stars, and bells are usually lightweight. However, some new trends in Christmas decorations make use of breakable figurines for the Christmas tree. While they make look really great, they have a high risk of falling off and breaking. As much as possible it is better to stick to lightweight decors.

8. Mix the old & the new

If you want to save on your Christmas decoration expenses, a great idea is to combine your old pieces with newly acquired ones. That way you'd be able to minimize your costs and still be able to have a "new look" for your Christmas tree.

10. Have fun with the kids

Kids would certainly love to decorate the Christmas tree with you. In fact, this could be a great bonding opportunity. Just make sure to keep them involved without sacrificing their safety. Let them handle the easier tasks like choosing where to place the baubles and such. Leave the more complicated tasks like installing the Christmas lights to adults.

11. Switch on the lights only when needed

Christmas lights make the tree look more festive and eye-catching. Aside from making sure that all the connections are smooth, it is very important to make sure that the lights are never left on overnight. Also, make sure to unplug it from the socket when not in use or when you know you'd be away for a long time.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun task. However, make sure to prioritize safety always. Also, remember to choose quality Christmas decorations that are generally safer.



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