Christmas means more festive look, more glitzy homes, and millions of sparkly lights. Holiday trinkets and ornaments are very popular during the holidays. They come on all these many shapes, colours, and sizes. They are fun to look at and at the same time, they make a living space even readier for the holidays.

Holiday trinkets and decorative pieces vary from home to home. However, there are some staples and are considered to be in the Christmas ornaments hall-of-famers. If you have these, you can do without the others. Basic as they may seem, they make really good investments as they are something that you can use year after year. Here they are.

1. The Glittery Snowflake

Snowflakes are some kind of mystified Christmas symbols. They are considered really special because each piece is unique. The winter season is synonymous to the holiday season, so it is no surprise that snowflakes are considered to be among the basic Christmas symbols. Snowflakes are known to be glittery and sparkly. They also come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Snowflakes can be hanged on the Christmas tree or can be placed in glass bowls for a classier effect.

2. The Silver Bell and Baubles

Baubles and bells are ornaments that make every Christmas seem complete. They are very popular because they have been attached with traditions since years and years ago. Bells come in many different colours and for some odd reason, silver bells are the most popular ones. Baubles, on the other hand have a character of their own. They are among the most versatile Christmas trinkets as you can hang them, place them in baskets, or place them in glass bowls. However you decide to present them, they will look great. The plus is that they come in many colours and designs too so you can play with textures very easily.

3. The Table Top Christmas Tree

Almost every home has a giant Christmas tree as this is among the most notable symbols of Christmas. To complement that, you can also have some mini Christmas trees all throughout the house. Mini Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes. If you want something that you can place on top of tables, shelves, and counters, you have several to choose from. There are traditional looking trees, fibre optic trees, and metallic textured trees. Depending on your preferences, you can easily find something that will appeal to you the most.

4. Santa & his reindeers

Santa and his reindeers are among the most endearing ornaments that you can have at home. Everyone loves Santa as he is a big symbol of generosity and is one of the most recognizable Christmas figures. Santa ornaments come in all sizes. There are life size decorations, hanging figurines, and light displays. Santa themed light displays work best outdoors as they make the house look more welcoming and homier.

5. The Sparkly Star

As far as instantly recognizable Christmas symbols are the topic, the star has its place among the hall of famers. The star captures the essence of Christmas in the deepest and most profound way. Each home should have one, to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Stars come in many forms. The most popular of these is the star lantern with lights. They are often placed outdoors as they are bright and sparkly. Stars can also be hanged on the Christmas tree. Others place a giant star on top as well. There are other trinkets associated with Christmas that you can use at home like angels, wreaths, mini pine trees, Christmas bows, Santa socks, and Santa hats. Others include the Gingerbread man and Mrs. Claus. Actually the choice when it comes to Christmas decors is totally up to you. You can buy new stuffs at the store or make your own decorations. You can even recycle your old ones with a little bit of creativity. When decorating, make sure to not limit yourself with the usual themes. You can always add some personal touches to make your decor look customized and truly your own. You can even combine natural elements such as twigs, acorns, and dried flowers to your design.


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